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Choir Goals

The goals of our program are far-reaching and include not only musical achievement, but also broader artistic, social, and emotional goals. EYV is a place where our singers can grow in awareness, sensitivity, and creativity as they develop as musicians and people.

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The Story of Edmonton Young Voices

Now in its 12th year, Edmonton Young Voices offers a program of unmatched excellence. The program is uniquely designed to provide children with their first introduction to the exciting art of choral singing and, as they learn and grow, a comprehensive choral and vocal education that challenges and inspires them.

This choral music education includes the study and development of choral artistry, vocal technique, musicianship skills, and performance style through high quality,

age-appropriate repertoire. Beyond this, EYV strives to build a nurturing community with our singers where we can grow as musicians and people together, where we can foster a love for music and singing, and where we can work together to reach our common goal of excellence in performing. The skills learned through choral music education can reach far beyond musical knowledge: leadership, responsibility, dedication, integrity, self-confidence and a sense of self-worth are invaluable outcomes of the choral experience.

We are proud to serve our community by contributing to the cultural and social fabric of our great city and province!

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Edmonton Young Voices Society** is a registered charity, and incorporated as a society with Consumer and Corporate Affairs. The choir parent association is made up of elected executive members comprised of parents with children in the choirs, as well as members of our community with no children in the choirs.

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