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Frequently Asked Questions

My child loves to sing and is ready to register! What do I do now?

Please email  for registration information.

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What kind of music do the choirs sing?

EYV Music is selected based on its educational value and artistic integrity.  We perform the highest quality of music available for children’s choirs with specific emphasis on contemporary choral works.

How many concerts/performances are there per year?

This varies, but generally speaking the EYV Children's and Chamber Choirs perform 4-6 times per year, while the EYV Junior Choir performs 2-3 times per year.

How much are fees?

Tuition fees and the fee structure are outlined on the Tuition section of our website.

Are there other costs associated with the program?

Tickets to EYV performances are an additional expense.
There is $50.00 uniform deposit required for Children’s Choir; this will be returned at the end of the season when the uniform is returned in good condition.

How do I get concert tickets?

Tickets for our performances are available 2-3 weeks prior to concerts and are arranged through volunteer parents. Tickets are pre-sold and have a minimum requirement of 5 tickets per family for both the Christmas and Spring concerts. Tickets to other events and collaborations are based on the individual requirements of each event.

What if my child needs to miss a rehearsal?

In order to maintain our high standard of excellence, it is necessary for families to make every effort to attend all rehearsals and to arrive on time. If your child will miss a rehearsal, please contact your child’s director prior to the missed rehearsal.

What if the program is not a good fit – can we try it out?

After the initial $50.00 non-refundable deposit, full choir fees are not due until the parent meeting at the end of September. This provides the opportunity to determine whether the choir is a good fit for the child, and whether the child is a good fit for the choir.

What if I cannot afford the tuition?

EYV does offer a bursary program based on need. Please contact us for more details. We believe that every child regardless of financial ability should have the opportunity to sing.

What are the parental commitments?

All parents are asked to contribute to the success of EYV through various volunteer positions. We also ask your help in keeping up to date with choir events so that your child arrives well rested and on time for all rehearsals and performances.

Can I stay and watch the rehearsal?

If your child is nervous and prefers that you stay for the first rehearsal, please speak to your child’s conductor to make arrangements. If you are in the room, please avoid disruptive behaviour - please stay in the room, avoid cell phones and please do not bring small children. Generally, we ask that parents do not stay to watch as it can be distracting to the singers.

Are there other opportunities for parents to observe rehearsals?

There are times throughout the year where parents will be invited to observe rehearsals. Each choir’s schedule is different and you will be notified of this opportunity ahead of time.

What can I do while my child is at rehearsal?

This is a great opportunity for parents to relax at one of the many nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and other amenities in the beautiful Old Strathcona neighbourhood.

How long is the season?

The season begins mid-September and ends in early-May for Junior, Children’s and Chamber Choir.

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