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Choir Goals

The goals of our program are far-reaching and include not only musical achievement, but also broader artistic, social, and emotional goals. EYV is a place where our singers can grow in awareness, sensitivity, and creativity as they develop as musicians and people.

Musical goals include:

  • Building complex musical skills in melody, rhythm, harmony, and artistic interpretation;

  • Developing correct vocal production and technique;

  • Performing challenging repertoire including a full spectrum of styles: classical, traditional-folk, contemporary choral works and music from diverse languages and world cultures, with specific emphasis on new choral works; and

  • Developing musical literacy.

Social/Emotional/Artistic goals include:

  • Personal and Social Growth - fostering a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, accomplishment, developing friendships and instilling a strong sense of community;

  • Diversity and Accessibility - enriching the lives of children from all religious, racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds;

  • Creativity and Excellence – striving to be leaders in choral performance in the immediate community and beyond; and

  • Celebrating and encouraging a life-long, shared love and passion for choral music.

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