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Edmonton Young Voices Choral Society** is a registered charity, and incorporated as a society with Consumer and Corporate Affairs. The choir parent association is made up of elected executive members comprised of parents with children in the choirs, as well as members of our community with no children in the choirs.


Edmonton Young Voices Bylaws

For more information, download the Edmonton Young Voices Bylaws (PDF 1.4 MB)


Your Support

The success of EYV relies heavily on the support of parents to maintain its high standard of choral education and excellence; parent volunteerism and support are essential to our organization. Each family in our organization includes at least one parent filling various positions; these positions come in all shapes and sizes and in all forms. If you have a talent or expertise (or a truck), we have a job for you!

We are so grateful to our parents for their commitment and dedication to our organization!


EYV Board of Directors 2020-2021

President: Adeel Qureshi

Vice-President: TBA

Treasurer: Marlyn Do

Secretary: Kirsten Elliott

Members at large: Shannon Sweeney Sproule, Charlotte Burrows

EYV Manager: Christianne Lefebvre

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