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Tuition & Registration Fees

We are a non-profit organization and the majority of our costs are covered by registration fees.

Registration fees include: Tuition, Concert Ticket Pack (per family) and a Volunteer Bond (per family).

These registration fees are for a full choir year, from September to May. 


Because our choristers have a chance to experience the choir prior to registration being paid, once fees have been paid, no refunds will be issued if a chorister withdraws for any reason.

Tuition and concert tickets are due after registration is finalized. Payments can be made online or in- person. If you prefer to pay your tuition in instalments we offer one, two or three equal payment options.

  • EYV JUNIOR CHOIR (grades K-3) - $425.00

  • EYV CHILDREN'S CHOIR (grades 4-6) - $535.00

  • EYV CHAMBER CHOIR (grade 7- & up) - $650.00

  • EYV ENSEMBLE (grade 10 & up) - $450.00

  • EYV CHAMBER CHOIR & ENSEMBLE (grade10 & up) - $800.00

*The previously paid $50.00 Registration Fee will be deducted from the final tuition amount owing.



Reduced tuition is available for families with more than one singer enrolled in any EYV programs. Full tuition is required for the highest choir involved. Each additional singer in the family, regardless of choir, may pay a reduction of 10% off tuition.




In lieu of fundraising activities, the purchase of ONE concert ticket pack is required which includes10 concert tickets ($150.00 total or $75/concert) per season (5 in the Christmas season and 5 in the Spring season).  Why do we do this?  So that you don’t have to sell concert tickets if you don’t want to!  It gives singers the option to keep the tickets for themselves/friends and family, or they can choose to sell their tickets at $15.00 each.


These tickets can be gifted or sold to individuals wishing to attend our concerts. The money raised helps cover costs throughout the year for all four of our choirs.

*Please note: the $150.00 concert ticket fee is per family, not per chorister. So, if you have more than one chorister enrolled, you will still only pay $150.00. Please contact if you have any questions.

Concert ticket packages are in addition to the tuition fees that are due at the Parent Meeting

and Registration Event in September.  Additional tickets in excess of the 5 required are available (and encouraged!) and can be purchased before and after rehearsals 3 weeks prior to our concerts. Dates and times for ticket pickup/purchase are listed on the calendar.



The EYV expectation is that all families volunteer for a minimum of two positions to fulfill their volunteer commitment. These positions come in many forms and are almost always during choir rehearsals and events. We have amazing parents who volunteer a great deal of time to our organization and we are so grateful for their support. We truly couldn’t do it without them!


Information regarding volunteer positions, dates and times will be provided at the Parent Meeting

and Registration Event.

Families who have not fulfilled a volunteer commitment during the year will be expected to pay the

volunteer bond of $100.

*Please note: the $100.00 volunteer bond is per family, not per chorister. Please contact if you have any questions.

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